Jens Damborg Jensen


Martin Kær


Emmelie Christensen


Katrine Gaarde Valhberg


Christian Bredvig Fjordside


Every year since 1993, Aalborg University Shakespeare Company performs one of the Bard's plays before a (mostly) willing audience at Det Hem'lige Teater.

The company is entirely volunteer based and consists of current and former students at Aalborg University, who come together every year to behave badly in the name of William Shakespeare. We are a bunch of different people who share our love of getting nerdy with Shakespeare, whilst also working our fingers to the bone to make a performance happen.

Our philosophy is that you don't have to be an Oscar-winning actor to take part. Many of us work primarily backstage, from design and construction to public relations and ticket sales. Only one thing is demanded of our members: you have to be willing to do your part, be that on - or off stage.

Are we a merry bunch of weirdos with a thing for the old theatrical curiosities?

Absolutely! And we proudly and contently present us as such. The key is unity, driven by the shared enthusiasm for the Shake-spearean world of theatre and each year a great performance is put together because of it. We enjoy every moment in full - whether it be on the stage, backstage, beside the stage (both sides) or under the stage.

On top of that, we are pretty good at having fun together, if we may say so ourselves!

Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.

    Hamlet, Act II, Scene II