Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?

      Macbeth, Act II, Scene I


Eylul Berke

 rebellious, young woman, who is willing to sacrifice everything for love. She is a good-natured girl, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and can lose her temper on occasion.


Kenny Holm Johansen

Nobel, young, and in love. He knows exactly who he wants. And who he wants is Hermia. Lysander is very calculated, and immediately has a solution to his and Hermia’s predicament: they could just flee Athens!


Signe Goll Rossau

Sweet, hopelessly in love with a foolish man, and perhaps a bit whiny. Helena is trying to be a supportive friend to Hermia, but seeing as the man Helena is in love with, is one of Hermia’s suitors, it’s hard to always be the bigger person.


Philip Fischer

A confused young man, who doesn’t quite know what (or who) he wants. That’s why Egeus’ wishes persuade Demetrius to pursue Hermia. Oftentimes speaks before he thinks, which can make him seem like kind of a dick.


Christian Bredvig Fjordside

Trickster is probably the best word to describe Puck. Laughs at the chaos unfolding around him.


Alastair Christensen

King of the fairies. Oberon has some marital problems, and thinks the best way to solve them is to … humiliate his wife? Doesn’t take into account that it would mean he’s then causing the very thing he wanted to get back at her for.


Vanja Vukotić

Queen of the fairies. Titania is passionate, caring, and a bit temperamental. Has some marital problems with Oberon, but doesn’t resort to love potions of any kind. When she’s mad, she’s MAD. When she loves, she LOVES.


Alexander Sebastian Martinsen

Just wants to celebrate his upcoming wedding, but everyone keeps coming to him with their problems. “Do as your father says or… Die?! Really? Who wrote these laws? Seems a bit harsh”. Theseus just wants to spend time with his bride-to-be.


Laura Virginia Nielsen

Queen of the Amazons, and Theseus’ fiancé. Hippolyta is the one who wears the pants in the relationship. Though Theseus’ technically won the war which has led to their marriage, the real battle was to win her heart.


Cecilie Sloth Madsen

Got stuck with the wedding arrangements. Doesn’t have the faintest idea about flowers, entrées, and is not the biggest fan of Theseus’ fiancé. Philostrate knows one thing though, picking ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ would not exactly be an attribution to the festivities.


Heine Gade Kristensen

Egeus wants respect from everyone, especially from the daughter Hermia. Lysander once said the wrong thing, and now Egeus is determined he cannot have her.


Mette Kathrine Hansen

Outgoing, proud, and a bit full of herself - never doubting her right to play all the parts in the play and never doubting Titania’s love. Bottom’s continued need to prove her worth is rooted in a deeper insecurity, not that she realises that


Emmelie Christensen

The poor director who has to keep Bottom in check. Quince knows the play in and out, and knows exactly what he wants, the players however do not exactly follow his directions. Secretly wishes the Duke and Duchess don’t pick their play.


Martin Kær

An absolute sweetheart. Flute is perhaps the only one who sees the talent and intelligence that Bottom brags about. Wants to play a man so he can have a sword, but ends up playing the only female part in the play: Thisbe.


Tenna Sandø Møller

Though Bottom thinks he knows best, Snout might actually be the thinker of the acting troupe. He’s quiet but is actually very excited to be in the play. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in dedication.


Katrine Gaarde Vahlberg

Was forced by Quince to be there because they needed one more member for the play. A bit confused about all the changes, but roles with the punches. Very concerned his part in the play will end up frightening the ladies, so he tones it down a lot. Plays Lion.


Mie Thirup Petersen

Not really sure what’s going on, but is just happy to be in the play. Snout tries to help Starveling without luck. Starveling is not much concerned about the play, and doesn’t really bother to learn his lines properly. Plays Moonshine.


Kateřina Kourková

One of Titania’s fairies. PeaseBlossom is interested in Titania and Bottom’s “relationship”, and finds Bottom’s appearance hilarious.


Jens Damborg Jensen

One of Titania’s fairies. Mustardseed is so over having to attend to Bottom. Suspects some interference has happened for this unlikely match to have happened.


Julie Freya Schødt

One of Titania’s fairies, and Moth’s sibling. Not a big fan of doing stuff. Has a very “Puck”-like mindset, which means Cobweb just wants to have fun.


Magnus Pagh

The last of Titania's fairies. Want's to do a good job, but is somehow always ignored by his fellows.


Heine Gade Kristensen

One of Oberon's faires, acting both as a thief and a goof.


Cecilie Sloth Madsen

The other of Oberon's faires, who is much nicer than her name suggests.